Breakfast is hip. Breakfast is already more in vogue than burgers, steaks and cocktails in major world cities such as London, Berlin and New York. We have never had such a wide choice of culinary options to start the day. And time is no longer of the essence: whether it’s 7am or 4pm after a night on the town, what constitutes breakfast time is down to the individual these days.

Global variations: The traditional Austrian breakfast with croissant, jam, ham and a soft-boiled egg is increasingly falling by the wayside, as international alternatives step up to the plate.

Whether it’s delicacies from the Middle East or inspiration from the world of Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine – breakfast trends are increasingly transcending global borders. Pancakes filled with cream cheese, breakfast burritos, wheatgrass smoothies, vegetable yoghurts, bagels, French toast and eggs benedict are just a handful of the hundreds of international options out there.

Personal taste

Thanks to the sheer variety of options and culinary directions, breakfast is taking us a step closer to answering the call for personalised eating preferences. “Meal fragmentation” is the name given to the modern-day trend towards people focusing on their own personal preferences and no longer eating the same thing as the rest of their family.


Food psychology has clearly taught us what role different meal times play. Breakfast is the clear leader – the idea that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is something we have all had drummed into us since childhood.  Although breakfast is important to people, there’s more to it than food psychology, with the associated social and culinary aspects proving much more decisive. Contemporary attitudes to breakfast put a premium on straightforwardness and convenience. The act of eating breakfast has been elevated to a social activity in its own right – no longer are we expected to conform to rigid rules or times, and even the order of the individual dishes can be freely selected.

Latest trends

1. Restaurant GRØD

Porridge. The versatile breakfast classic from Scotland is an absolute must for any self-respecting breakfast menu. Now available with an incredible range of toppings and flavours, the dish is an important source of fibre and essential minerals, as well as protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. As very few of the nutrients are lost in the heating process, porridge can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Committed to its goal of redefining porridge and showing the world just how great-tasting, versatile and subtle it can be, GRØD has set up shop as the first restaurant in the world to focus exclusively on the oat-based speciality. Thanks to its popularity, the chain now has four branches in Copenhagen, and London porridge aficionados have also fallen under its spell.

2. Bad Egg

Bad Egg was originally set up as a weekend brunch hangout for Londoners to work off their hangovers to cool music from ten in the morning. The concept clearly struck a chord with its clientele and is now putting a smile back on its patrons’ faces with a breakfast and brunch menu during the week, too.

3. The Guest House – breakfast round the clock

It doesn’t matter what time the alarm clock goes off – breakfast is available from 7 in the morning until half past ten at night, 365 days a year at the boutique Guest House hotel in the centre of Vienna. From simple breakfasts to a full range of egg dishes to granola and fresh oysters, there’s something to suit every taste.

4. Benedict – Israeli breakfast in Berlin

Bread and breakfast from 7am to 11pm. Two friends who were sick of missing out on breakfast after a big night due to restrictive serving times decided that enough was enough and set up their own breakfast joint. Their idea of the genuine all-day breakfast was not only a hit in Tel Aviv, but also found its niche in Berlin. The breakfasts – from Germany, England, Israel, France and Russia – are always fresh and appealing.

5. The breakfast club

The Frühstückerinnen breakfast experts reveal exactly where to go for the best, most exciting, most romantic, most diverse or relaxing breakfast in their blog. They have put numerous locations through their paces in Graz, Salzburg and Berlin in a quest to give their subscribers the perfect culinary start to the day. Their meticulous approach has earned them a solid reputation as some of the most discerning breakfast scene critics out there.