Song: Everyday Hero

15. May 2020, Video

While coronavirus has forced some industries into complete shutdown, other workers can scarcely keep up – and not just in hospitals.


produced by Radio Max
Thank you

These everyday heroes have been pulling out all the stops over the past few weeks to make sure that people at home have everything they need. They work behind plexiglass screens, kitted out with masks, gloves and disinfectants to make sure that public life can continue as close to normal as possible.

RADIO MAX isn’t content with just saying thank you – the radio team has been busy composing, singing and producing a special song of praise!

The finished article: a heartfelt number  dedicated to the people whose tireless work makes our everyday lives easier. Who needs superstars any more when there are everyday heroes instead?

Have a listen:the national and international Radio Max team from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania and, of course, jö.live with the song Everyday Hero

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