Healthy Hedonism

19. September 2018, Editorial

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – it’s not just parents who turn to this well worn proverb to get their children to eat more healthily. Nutritional experts, too, have been hammering home the importance of healthy eating for years now.


10in2 Diät
delicious food
healthy eating
Role of the F&B industry

But that has proved to be a bit of a challenge, as masses of fast food chains have opened over the same period. Now, we’re happy to admit it, convenient and delicious food is great – it takes virtually zero effort and doesn’t exactly cost the earth. Up until around ten years ago, consumers wouldn’t have stopped to think about what actually goes into their burgers, let alone their chicken nuggets. But today we are better informed, which is why more and more people are going for healthy, high-quality and above all delicious food.

Healthy hedonism is the new watchword:
nutritious food that tastes great.

Quality, freshness and ample time are the ingredients that go into creating a great, nourishing and delicious meal. For anyone looking to take care of their body while still enjoying what they eat, this trend is an absolute no-brainer. It is not about compulsively adding fruit and vegetables to our plates but developing a feel for what constitutes healthy eating and and how we incorproate it into our daily lives. The goal of healthy hedonism is to bring people round to the idea that eating healthily can be an enjoyable experience – from preparing the raw ingredients to sitting down to a good meal.

The end of self-sacrifice

Many people associate healthy eating with going on a diet, losing weight and going without all the things in life that taste good. Instantly conjuring up mental images of boring, raw vegetables and endless glasses of plain old water. That’s the way it used to be. But those days are over. Asceticism is out.

These days, it is much easier to look after your heath and body since it no longer means giving up everything that is enjoyable. Using great and simple recipes that can be found everywhere, it has never been easier to rustle up something healthy yourself – quickly and easily. For many people, healthy eating has gone from foe to friend.

So, the question remains: how do we define “healthy”?

Although lots of people strive to eat healthily, not many can agree what actually constitutes healthy eating. For some it’s about giving up meat, while others see meat as an indispensable part of a balanced diet. And then there are those who claim that fruit is little more than sugar and therefore unhealthy, yet others see it as a vital source of vitamins. As with so many things in life, opinion seems to be split down the middle when it comes to nutrition. Fundamentally, though, the majority of people agree that a balanced diet is the healthiest way to go. This means that a little bit of everything is allowed and nothing is really blacklisted, with intake kept to a bare minimum instead. Sometimes more, sometimes less – maintaining a balanced approach.


Healthy hedonism is the start of a more healthy society and healthier human race. For anyone who loves to push the boat out from time to time but still wants to maintain their target weight, interval diets come in handy. This means the freedom to eat whatever they want, but only on every second day. “10in2” is its name: the 1 stands for the day of eating and 0 for the day of fasting. The number 2 is the interval, i.e. every two days. This form of weight loss has a very loyal following as nothing is banned and people on the diet can eat whatever they like.


So it is actually the same principle as healthy hedonism, just every second day. The advantage of the diet, other than unrestricted enjoyment, is that you have time to focus on other things on the food-free days. On “0” days you don’t have to spend your time thinking about whether you have enough food at home or whether there is going to be enough time to cook something. This leaves you free to savour the day and take time out for all those things that don’t normally get a look in, do a bit of sport, go to the beauty parlour, relax with a spot of wellness or even just give your nearest and dearest your full attention for a change.

Role of the F&B industry

For too long, health and enjoyment have been seen as mutually exclusive. But thanks to the healthy hedonism food trend, that’s all in the past. It is important for food manufacturers, sellers and the F&B industry to make sure that their healthy products are labelled accordingly while giving consumers the sense that they have made a good purchasing decision. Aesthetics make all the difference: healthy food, freshly prepared and attractively presented is guaranteed to bring consumers on board. Ready, steady, healthy hedonism.

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