With possibilities and opportunities open to MAXFIVE, we started setting the signal for our future a year ago. Brimming with motivation and excitement we got to work on the development of the traditional models in our audio and digital signage business.

But that wasn’t all, there’s more to come: we focused very specifically on identifying new products and services that would provide the ultimate experience. Added value not just for our customers, but for the entire retail industry.

Our goal: shopping with all five senses!

To achieve this you have to ask the right questions. What does innovation actually mean in retail? What problems will we be confronted with? What challenges have to be and should be overcome? We want to come up with the answers and solutions together as MAXFIVE. And more than that: we want to come up with the answers to the questions first – as a team and as a think tank for all five senses.

Let’s join together to link the past with the future, keep the spirit alive and take it to another level. We’re closing with a more recent quotation, this time from Alan Kay, an American computer scientist: “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

We can’t wait to embark upon this journey into the future alongside you.

Let‘s do it.

Michael Tippl, Norbert Gavran und Richard Heinschink