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18. October 2021, Editorial

Culinary music to your ears: PENNYlive presenter Ulrike Hallas talks to famous people, and experienced and budding chefs about what’s going on in their lives – and their kitchens.



Inspiring recipes and personal stories – combined with subjects that will strike a chord with you. Out since August, the new episodes of the “Was kochst du heute, ….? (What are you cooking today, …?) food podcast serves up delicious dishes, kitchen tips and entertaining stories.

On air

The first five episodes have already landed. Ulrike Hallas talks to Gregor Meyle, Luca Hänni, Olivia Jones, Milow, DJ Ötzi and a host of other top artists about their favourite ingredients and recipes, while taking a peak behind the scenes at their lives. Half an hour where everything revolves around good taste and fine food – quite literally. There are even bursts of song and forays into the artists’ private worlds – all seasoned with a generous dash of kitchen confessions.

From the Radio Max stable

From lining up the artists to conducting interviews and post production (incl. sound logo creation) – the full-service Radio Max podcast package has everything covered. Hungry for more? Then give it a listen – and enjoy!

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