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01. June 2018, Editorial

RADIOMAX looks at the world differently. Come share our view. Now.


Michael Tippl
Radio Max

What started as a classical radio station in the days of cassettes and Tamagotchi’s 20 years ago (we remember well), has evolved into something much more considerable. A centre of competence for communication and an idea factory for staging at the POS. Now, at a time of complete overstimulation where we are all constantly flooded with offers from all possible sides, here at RADIO MAX we want to be a harbour of orientation. So that your message doesn’t sink along with all the rest.

How do we do this? With our trove of experience. Because we have learned one thing over the years: How to distinguish the flavour of the day from long-lasting favourites. To know when to let the hype float by and which trends can develop into real market leaders. It can happen so quickly – yes please, today and no thank you, tomorrow. That’s why we don’t just give advice. As your competent partner, we show you the way. You can be not only in step with the times – together we can be ahead of the times, and position you successfully on the market.

We also offer a foretaste of things to come in our blog. That’s where we see the world – raw, tasteful or redefined. We see it the way it will be and share this view with our readers. The high expectations consumers have for us and our customers, expectations we even have for ourselves, need creative responses. Simply selling at the POS has served its time. Customers want to be thrilled, want to experience shopping. That’s why we work on multi-sense staging, surprising and emotional simultaneously, digital and analogue together. For all the senses. For all media. Everything but boring.

Michael Tippl Geschäftsführung Radio Max
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