You have been with RADIO MAX’s Event Team for 8 years now. What is the special excitement in this branch for you?

My position gives me a chance to ideally combine my diverse interests. A true luxury! On the one hand, my affinity for technology and everything dealing with computers. And on the other, I don’t like to stay in the background. I like contact with customers because it gives my daily routine more variety. Plus, you never really know what will happen at an event and what you might have to respond to. That makes my work exciting again and again.

How many events does your team put on every year?

We put on an average of between 30 and 40 events a month during the busy seasons, in other words, from April to June and from September to December. During these busy months, we usually run multiple locations on one day, sometimes with thousands of visitors. In a year, that makes a total of about 300 events.

What makes a successful event?

There are three major factors that determine whether an event is successful or not. The basis of every successful event is the technical equipment. At RADIO MAX we only work with state-of-the-art – both in terms of sound and light – to achieve the appropriate atmosphere. The second factor is a good network. We’ve worked with many reliable partners over the years and when we need additional competence, we can count on them. And: Without my team, the RADIO MAX Event Team, the events wouldn’t be possible in the first place. I know that we can rely on one another and that every employee gives their best at all times.

What is your approach when you have an upcoming event?

It’s important to focus on the individual customer needs when setting up an event and designing a suitable and coherent concept for each customer. Our events are never mass production. They are designed after we have a personal meeting. Of course, every event requires certain basics but beyond that, it’s our creativity that is called for. Ultimately we want to always create something new, something extraordinary. The same applies to our entire portfolio: Whether it’s a branch opening, a press conference, company events, fashion shows or galas that we are organising, we want to generate attention and make people curious.

Your Event Team can offer customers even more besides planning and technology, no?

Yes, that’s correct. In addition to the organisation, we are often integrated in the unfolding of the events, ensuring that the contents are realised as well. Very experienced and sophisticated event hosts work at RADIO MAX who are an addition to any event. Our DJ’s are just as brilliant, and our skill and experience as music editors helps a lot here. We can entertain our customers with songs from any period in music history. We’ve yet to receive a music request that we couldn’t fill. The customer makes a request, and we play it!

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