Ciao, ahoj and salut from Vienna!

03. May 2017, Video

RADIO MAX creates the perfect atmosphere at PENNY’s foreign branches


Czech Republic
In-store radio
Live Moderation
on air

Every day, millions of customers in Italy, the Czech Republic and Romania listen to the in-store radio station RADIO MAX while shopping. The lively and entertaining mix of special offers, news, recipe suggestions, competitions and great music not only gets shoppers in a good mood, it is also good for business. The specially adapted programmes for PENNY FM Italy, RADIO PENNY LIVE Czech Republic and PENNY FM Romania are broadcast from RADIO MAX’s Vienna Headquarters.


Click here to take a look behind the scenes and meet the Penny presenters behind the microphone.


On the video:
PENNY FM Romania team
RADIO PENNY Live Czech Republic team
PENNY FM Italy team

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